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Huckabay Addresses CEC Annual Meeting
On February 8, Dewayne Huckabay, longtime City of Houston employee and one of local government's strongest and best informed environmental advocates, addressed a crowd at the CEC Annual Meeting. more...

Poll Shows Support for Rail
On January 18, in response to a plea from City Councilman Rob Todd and local rail opponents, District Judge Tony Lindsay temporarily blocked Metro's plans to lay light rail from downtown to Reliant Park. more...

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Houston Environmental Community News
A summary of recent articles and news concerning environmental issues in Houston
Houston Water Supply Contaminated
The EPA announced findings on the Houston area's general water purity. The EPA found high levels of ... more...
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Tree Clearing Continues
The once lush forests of north Harris county continue to be cleared at an alarming rate. Local community activests are planning a rally to save woodland areas and .... more...
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Houston sets new record for Smog Days
If you had trouble breating last year you were not the only one. Over 250,000 Houston residents went to thier doctors reporting alergy and smog related ...more...
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Reviewing the Plan
In 1995, the Galveston Bay Estuary Program (GBEP) issued The Galveston Bay Plan, a 20-year comprehensive conservation management plan for the Galveston Bay ecosystem. The plan outlines some 82 actions to revitalize the Bay, with an incremental review scheduled every five years. GBEP recently released its first progress report on plan implementation. ...more...
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President's Letter Strategic Outlook for 2001
Each year at the CEC we focus on a few strategic initiatives related to our mission of fostering dialogue about environmental issues in the Houston Gulf Coast region. Since it's already March, it's past time to let you in on what's going on.

This year we are undertaking three strategic initiatives. The first of these is to begin planning the next generation of the Houston Environmental Center (or HEC2, to give it an acronym). ...more...

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Perspectives: Street Trees: No Net Loss
There are probably more direct routes to get to the Medical Center from the far west side of Houston, but I have always been able to justify a circuitous route that includes driving along Sunset Boulevard. Sunset's incredible tree canopy envelops you as if it were a cocoon and seems to transport you to a more serene place where the usual noise, pollution, and visual blight of Houston's other streets do not exist. During one of Houston's scorching summers it always seems to be so much cooler on Sunset. ...more...
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Taking a Natural Step
In the early 1990s, the University of Texas Houston Health Science Center was looking for ways to reinvigorate itself. Government funding for higher education was cut, and competition was high. Administrators investigated various options ‚ personnel changes, operational strategies ‚ to make the institution stand out. During this trying time, John Porretto, executive vice president of Administration and Finance, and Brian Yeoman, chief facilities officer, attended a talk by Karl-Henrik RobĖrt, founder of The Natural Step (TNS), a systematic framework for organizational sustainability...more...
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