Pushing the limits of the tools available is the key to progress. Occasionally I will get an idea for something that has not been done before, and I will try it out. Below is a collection of the more successful projects to come out of the lab. I am not sure what the uses are, but the learning experience from doing them worth the effort.

These pages are not examples of design skill, they are examples of coding and exploration. Please be warned that some of these experiments are pretty complex. The JavaScript and table formatting will take some time to load. Older browsers and slower computers may experience problems.

DHTML Entry to Web 99 Contest

JavaScript Photo Shop

The Wheel of Fortune Browser Hijack

Men's Restroom Etiquette test (popup)

CSS Gallery

The JavaScript Magic Drawing Box

Internet Time

Three Garage Doors

Layout: Left or Right
Color Scheme: Green or Blue
Theme: Water | Fall
Web Haiku
Donations flowing
like a stream of clear water.
Will I get rich quick?
Recent Projects
HEC Web Site Trial #1 & #2
Pro-bono work on a new design for CEC's Houston Environmental Community. Extensive use of DHTML. March 2001

MindCandy Typoviewer
Flash typeface sampler, includes database of nearly 500 fonts.
January 2001
40k - Flash 4

SmithBits Commercialettes
Short Flash commercials for tradeshow booth.
September 2000
60 to 144k - Flash 4
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