Graphic design, be it on the Internet, the printed page or other mediums, is the meeting of creativity with communication. As a designer I strive to make sure that the message is complemented by the design, and never overpowered by it. Call me a modernist, but grids are the work horse of the industry.

The over powering design of many web sites and publications make the message second to the design. No matter how cool a design may be, the content must be King, if the reader is to come back for more. My goal in providing design for clients is to assure that their message is presented in the best possible way, to get people to read, understand and remember is top priority.

Please browse these galleries to see samples of my work from past and present.

Featured Project
The main menu form the introduction to Sailing game. Introduction to Sailing

Layout: Left or Right
Color Scheme: Green or Blue
Theme: Water | Fall
Web Haiku
Donations flowing
like a stream of clear water.
Will I get rich quick?
Recent Projects
HEC Web Site Trial #1 & #2
Pro-bono work on a new design for CEC's Houston Environmental Community. Extensive use of DHTML. March 2001

MindCandy Typoviewer
Flash typeface sampler, includes database of nearly 500 fonts.
January 2001
40k - Flash 4

SmithBits Commercialettes
Short Flash commercials for tradeshow booth.
September 2000
60 to 144k - Flash 4
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