When I got to the sixth grade I no longer had a recess during my day. The powers that be decided long ago that the age of eleven was a good time to stop the imagination of young kids, and there was not much that I could do to change it. So there I was, full of creative energy and no place to put it.

Art became my escape, and from sixth grade on, I spent more time drawing than I did on my school work. The only thing that could get me away from drawing was a good book, but teachers frown on reading in class. While everyone was taking notes in class, I was drew.

After college I became a web designer by day, type designer and illustrator by night.

James Bond Series:

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Cool Threadz T-shirts:

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Wildlife Watch:


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Recent Projects
HEC Web Site Trial #1 & #2
Pro-bono work on a new design for CEC's Houston Environmental Community. Extensive use of DHTML. March 2001

MindCandy Typoviewer
Flash typeface sampler, includes database of nearly 500 fonts.
January 2001
40k - Flash 4

SmithBits Commercialettes
Short Flash commercials for tradeshow booth.
September 2000
60 to 144k - Flash 4
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